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Research results
- Attending SIO since 2004 our institute has been building a close cooperation with other institutes related with
  Cancer Complimentary and Alternative medicine of USA, Japan, China, India, ect.
- Sharing researches with Seoul University Complimentary and Alternative institute, Cancer Complimentary and
  Alternative medical institute, National Cancer Center and Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM).
-Attend NCI’s Office of Cancer Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) BSC program from 2005 to 2008,
  getting a final approval to be a ‘persuasive case’ for the first time in Korea.
- In 2007, succeed to finish the project “Revitalization of Cancer Therapeutics Infrastructure Construction by Oriental
  Medicine” by collaborating with KIOM which has been received from Korea Research Council of Fundamental
  Science & Technology under the influence of Ministry of Science and Technology.


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