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|| Conference and Symposium

SIO (Society for Integrative Oncology)

■ 1st International Conference (2004, NY)
- Anti-angiogenetic effects of HAD on breast cancer patients
- Anti-angiogenetic and anti-spread effects of Cordyceps militaris

■ 2nd International Conference (2005, San Diego)
- Features of symptoms observed from tumor patients through tongue examinations
- Increase in tumor immunity by using Cordyceps militaris

■ 3rd International Conference (2006, Boston)
- Inhibition of effects of Coptis chinensis Franch on liver cancer cells
- Effects of wild ginseng pharmacopuncture on proteom manifestation in healthy people

■ 4th International Conference (2007, San Francisco)
- Review of Best case series at EWCC
- Effects of bee sting on cancer pain

■ 5th International Conference (2008, Atlanta)
- Best Case Series review of East-West Cancer Center (2)
- Cytotoxic Effects of Saponin Hydrolysis Factor-Controlled Red Ginseng Extracts on Various Cancer Cell Lines
- Effects of reflexology foot massage to improve quality of life and reduce anxiety for hospitalized cancer patients in
  chemotherapy treatment
- Prospective Observational Pilot Study of Cultivated Wild Ginseng Pharmacopuncture for Various Advanced Cancer

■ Shanghai International Symposium (2008, Shanghai)
Oral presentation
- Pharmacopuncture practices on cancer patients
- International cooperation of EWCC
- Effects of meridian pathways massage on chronic fatigue

Poster presentation
- Case Reports about 2 Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer Patients who Administered Extracts of Cultivated Wild Ginseng
- Retrospective Cohort Analysis for Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Wheel Balance Therapy (WBT)
- Effects of Lymphatic Massages in Breast Cancer Patients

■ 6th International Conferance (2009, New York)
-Molecular characterization of cultivated wild ginseng pharmacopuncture (CWGP) extracts playing strong anticacer
  activity against lung cancer cells.
-Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of telomerase activity in human lung carcinoma cells by the water extract of
  cordyceps militaris.

■ 7th International Conferance (2010, New York)

■ International Symposium of Integrative Oncology (2010, Jecheon, Korea)
- To hold conference
- 2010 World Oriental Medicine-Bio EXPO : Myeongmun Hanbanggwan(EWCC)

■ 8th International Conference (2011, Cleveland)
- An Overview of Current Oriental Medicine Herbal Cancer Research in Korea
- Prospective Cohort Pilot Study of Sweet Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture for Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
- An Observational Study of Various Cancer Patients Treated with Oriental Medicine based In-patient Care

■ 9th International Conference (2012, Albuquerque)
- Comparative Analysis of the Bufonis Venenum by Using TLC, HPLC, and LC-MS for Different Extraction Methods

■ 10th International Conference (2013, Vancouver)
- Identification of target genes involved in the antiproliferative effect of modified ginseng extracts in human non-small cell lung cancer A549 cells