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|| Major cancer cause: decreased immunity

Cancer starts from the mutation of a single cell. Through mutation, the cell becomes a modified cell, from which a tumor grows.
How does a tumor or cancer cell start in our body in the first place? Here are different point views of western and oriental medicine looking at the initiation of cancer.

Difference point views of western and oriental medicine on cancer

   Characteristics of cancer  Cause for cancer
 Western medicine  Partial disorder  Carcinogenic substances
 Oriental medicine  Partial expression of entire disorder  Immunity

In oriental medicine, weakened immunity is considered to be major cause of cancer instead of carcinogenic substances or other cancer-causing factors.

The picture of Immunity and Carcinogenic factors
Throughout our lives, it is said that there are 1 million chances of cancer breaking out. When our average life span is assumed to be 80, the total number of chances is calculated to be 1 trillion. However, most people live healthy because of the strong immune system preventing the growth of cancer cells. Weakened immune system, which cannot properly stop the growth of cancer cells, will cause cancer breakout. Accordingly, in oriental medicine, weakened immune system is counted as the most important cause of cancer.
Mechanics of cancer breakout
There is a story, which might help your understanding

When you were young, after sudden temperature fall in the atmosphere, have you ever seen some of your classmates missing in school? Even though all the classmates experienced the same weather, why were some kids unable to make it to the class? It is because of the difference in the individual immune systems.
Smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer or other diseases. Some people, who are rarely exposed even to passive smoking, are reported to have lung cancer. Major cause for lung cancer can lead to a weakened immunity.
Oriental medical principles states: when weak immunity is strengthened, cancer disappears. Based on this principle, oriental medical cancer therapy focuses on strengthening immunity.

Traditional oriental medical principles citing the importance of the immune system

1. Strong immunity prevents infectious diseases.

2. Weak immunity surely cause disease to breakout.

3. Eating or contacting with carcinogenic substances does not always cause cancer. Cancer breakout purely depends on individual immunity.

4. Cancer can be cured by increasing immunity.