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|| Difference between oriental and western medical therapy on cance

Major difference between oriental and western cancer treatment is as below.

Major western medical cancer treatment including surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy focuses on attacking the target cancer cells. Often the treatment accompanies unwanted side effects because normal cells are also attacked in the process of the treatment.

As shown in the figure above, western medical cancer treatment can be compared with removing weeds in green grass garden. A garden trowel is for surgery. This method would be effective only when there are small groups of a small number of weeds. If there are considerable numbers of weeds scattered around in the garden, burning or use of herbicide can be considered as alternatives. Burning and herbicide represent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. When implementing these methods, negative effects on healthy grass cannot be ignored.

In oriental medical treatment, instead of removing weeds, it measures to enhance grass into strong grass, which outgrows the weeds. Thus the treatment can be summarized as a treatment increasing immunity.

When diagnosed with cancer, most people decide to get western therapy first. However, currently, the recovery rate even in the U.S. remains still approximately at 50%.

Difference and complementary features of western and oriental medical treatments

Recently to overcome the limitations in western medical cancer treatment, importance of alternative medicine has significantly increased. Alternative medicine indicates all other therapies or medicines except western medical therapy or medicine. At the center of alternative medicine, there is oriental medicine. In oriental medicine, solutions can be provided in the areas, where western medicine does not properly cover because diseases are looked at from a different point of views. By getting combination of western and oriental medical cancer treatment, better results can be achieved.

  Western medicine Oriental medicine
Main cause for cancer External carcinogenic factors
Weakened immunity
Treatment focus Direct removal of cancer cells Immunity enhancement
Cancer cells removal Strong Weak
Problems Side-effects and weakened immunity
Incomplete removal of cancer cells
Solutions Combining oriental and western medicine together will reduce side effects and chances for cancer transfer; and improve immunity and anticancer effects