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|| Oriental medical treatment preventing metastasis and recurrence

One of the biggest problems associated with cancer include metastasis and recurrence. Recurrence and metastasis mean reappearance of cancer cells at the same site or in another location and the process by which cancer spreads from the original place to distant locations in the body respectively. Recurrence is caused primary by remaining cancer cells after surgery or radiotherapy. Despite of various types of treatment, remaining cancer cells spread to distant locations through blood vessel lymphatic glands. Though the mechanisms of recurrence and metastasis are not clearly known, angiogenesis and reduced immunity are counted as major cause for recurrence and metastasis.

Angiogenesis in cancer

Angiogenesis is essential for the metastasis. Metastasizing cancer cells are provided with nutrients and oxygen through new blood vessels. Before cancer cells build new blood vessels, cancer cells are quite inactive. However, once blood vessels are prepared, the growth rate increases up to 16,000 times faster. Thus anti-angiogenetic treatments are crucial in preventing metastasis and recurrence.
Hang-Am plus and HHT developed at EWCC are proven in laboratory and clinical tests to inhibit angiogenesis and further reduce the chances of metastasis and recurrence.


The immune system is counted as an important variable in the process of cancer breakout, growth, metastasis and recurrence. Without the active immune system, even a negligible cancer cell that has survived after a surgery can grow into sizable cancer cells within a short period of time.

When significant immunosuppression is observed within a patient, chemotherapy or radiotherapy cannot be continued resulting in higher chances of metastasis or recurrence. Thus increasing immunity is essential in attempting reducing the chances of metastasis or recurrence.

Myun Yuk Dan (PSM), anti-cancer Myun Yuk syrup (HMSY), and Sojuk Baekchul San (SBS) of EWCC have proven in laboratory and clinical tests that by activating T and B lymphocyte, natural killer cell, and macrophage, we can further reduce chances for metastasis and recurrence.