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|| When should we start getting the treatment?

The faster the better
The concurrent treatment using oriental and western therapies is recommended to maximize the effects of surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. By reducing the chances of side effects and enhancing immunity, oriental medical cancer treatment can maximize anticancer effects as well as preventing metastasis and recurrence.

Get the concurrent treatment from the beginning
In many cases, patients visit oriental medical institute after they have tried all kinds of cancer therapies. This results in reduced treatment effects. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy reduce immunity. Also cancer at its advanced stage decreases immunity by secreting a significant amount of anti-immune. Accordingly, oriental cancer treatment should be started at the time point when a patient decides to get other treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy to maximize the treatment efficiency.

Take a positve action when early stage cancer is found

Even though diagnosed with early stage cancer and treated or rooted out successfully, sudden recurrence or metastasis is frequently observed during routine check-ups. It is recommended to take constructive actions during the first 5 years from the initial cancer breakout. To minimize recurrence and metastasis, minimum of 1 year of treatment and 3 years of constructive oriental medical treatment for the sole purpose of recurrence and metastasis prevention is likely to be required.