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|| Cancer Prevention

How we can reduce the chances of cancer breakout?

Minimize contact with carcinogenic materials

There are a large numbers of chemicals known as carcinogens. Contact with or intake of these materials would not cause cancer instantly. There are 2 processes required for carcinogenesis when contacted with carcinogens: initiation and promotion.
One way to illustrate this is by making an analogy to a gun trigger and a bullet. The gun trigger (promotion agent) should be pulled for the bullet (initiation agent) to fly off to the target. Without the triggering action, loading a bullet would not do anything. Likewise, promotion agents should stimulate the initiation agents to initiate cancer.
Accordingly, keeping away from initiation and promotion agents is the number 1 rule for the prevention of cancer. Major initiation and promotion agents include followings.

< Initiation agents >

Initiation factors Cigarette, bile acid, aflatoxins and nitrosoamines of mold, burnt meat, carbonyl phosphate derivatives from rice, chemicals, radiation, viruses, germs, hormones, stress, etc.

< Promotion agents >

Cancer type Promoting agents
Lung cancer Cigarette smoke
Esophageal cancer

Hot food which may cause damage on esophagus and gastric mucous membrane

Colon and Pancreas Secreted bile acid by in-taking meat /td>
Stomach Stomach
Liver Sleeping pills, and relaxants
Bladder Artificial sweeteners, and saccharine
Skin UV
Others Stress

Hidden meanings in the Chinese character “癌 (cancer)”

When we take a close look at the character, we can learn wisdom of ancient times. There are 3 “口’s (mouths)” in 癌. This indicates that cancer is deeply related with what we do with the mouth: eating, drinking, and breathing. According to the U.S NCI’s research results, cancer prevention rate can be increased up to 60% when we are cautious with what we eat, drink and smoke.

Rules for Cancer Prevention

- Maintain healthy and balanced diet
Healthy and balanced diet increases natural healing power. The portion of salty and greasy food needs to be decreased.

- Eat plenty of fibers which can be found in greenish yellow (brightly colored) vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
Plenty of fibers effectively prevent to prevent colon, stomach and breast cancer.

- Drink plenty of milk
Casein in milk increase immunity and inhibits cancer cells.

- Frequently consume Korean soybean paste (doen-jang) and beans
Korean soybean paste (doen-jang) inhibits normal cells mutating into cancer cells. Cancer inhibition rate by Korean soybean paste soup is 80 to 90%. To increase anticancer effects of Korean soybean paste soup, cook with Korean leek (Allium tuberosum). This reduces the salt in soy bean paste. Also add mushroom, which alkalize body fluids. As there is substances with antiangiogenetic functions in beans.

- Take vitamine A, C and E

Vitamine A, C, and E are called as anticancer vitamins.
Vitamine A: carrot, sweet potato, spinach, greenish yellow vegetable, liver, egg and milk.
Vitamine C: melon, red pepper, kiwi, orange and grape.
Vitamine E: peach, olive, pumpkin seed, sweet potato, wheat and sunflower seed.

- Do not overeat. Reduce fat intake

Meat helps secration of bile from cholecyst. Bile acid reacts with bacteria in large intestine to produce carcinogenic substances. Thus excessive meat in your diet is not recommended.

- Avoid roasted (directly on fire) or smoked meat or fish

In burnt food, there are carbonyl phosphate derivatives (carcinogen). The chances of carcinogenesis decrease when these meat or fish is intaken with fruits and vegitable rich in vitamine A and C.

- Avoid rotten food or food with fungus

Aflotoxin in rotten food which causes cancer.

- Do not drink alcohol excessively

Alcohol is a main cause for liver cancer. Hepatitis patients are strongly advised to abstain from drinking. Liver is often referred as the "silent organ" for its tendency to show no immediate signs or symptoms of illness. For this reason, liver cancer is often hard to diagnose; and in many cases, difficult to treat. Early diagnosis of cancer can significantly increase the chances of survival; and therefore, it is important to get regular medical check-ups. Drinking is also known to cause stomach and colon cancer.

- Drink plenty of traditional Korean tea

Smoking is the leading cause for lung cancer as well as other cancers. Benzofuran in cigarettes causes functional failure of cancer suppressor genes.

- Quit smoking

In Korean traditional tea including green tea, omija (Maximowiczia chinensis) tea, boxthron tea, kudzu tea, jujube tea, and persimmon leaf tea, there are plenty of vitamins and minerals detoxifying carcinogens.

-Take moderate exercise

Exercising heals damaged cells. Some portion of cells in our body is damaged on a daily basis. However, cancer does not breakout immediately because there is maintenance men in our body. One of best known maintenance men is exercise. Especially aerobic exercises such as hiking and climbing are recommended. Clinical researches indicate that people taking regular exercise have lower genetic damage rate than the people who do not. Therefore, people taking regular exercise have less chance of cancer breakout because carcinogenesis partly from damages in genes.

- Avoid stress and enjoy life

Stress causes formation of stress proteins, which cause cancer through constant stimulation. According to Professor Ganno Jun at Tokyo College of Medicine, stress promotes metastasis.