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Wheel Balance Cancer Therapy

|| What is Wheel Balance Cancer Therapy (WBCT)?

WBCT is a therapy both curing cancer and the body

WBCT is an integrated cancer therapy covering oriental medicine, healthy anticancer diet, metabolism increase, and meditation. By maximizing natural healing power, WBCT, sometimes combined with western therapies, decreases side effects, increases quality of life, and prevents metastasis.

Elements of WBCT

Targets of WBCT

Composition of WBCT

Composition of WBCT

Patients seeking for the solutions for the minimization of metastasis or recurrence after surgery; or chemo or radiotherapies
Patients suffering from severe side effects of chemo or radiotherapies
Old patients or patients with weak immunity seeking for therapies other than conventional therapies

Example of Daily Time Schedule of a Patient

The method of wheel balance cancer therapy

1. 15~30days of admission treatment is needed (1st stage).
2. One stage could be added after the treatment from the result of 1st stage.
3. After discharge the patient will be managed by treatments with one of our therapy centers. This is allocated by the type of cancer the patients has, by the physical constitution, how much the cancer has progressed. Also the cancer will be managed by regular examination tests.

The management method after wheel balance cancer therapy

1. After discharge the patient will be treated at OPD (out patient department)
2. At OPD, further evaluation is observed while patients will receive physical constitution diet therapy and take medical treatment aim on immunity enhancement and also anti-angiogenesis therapy for about 1~3 years.
3. Appropriate (proper) test, such as CT, MRI, X-Ray, PET, tumor marker test, immune test, and growth factor test ect. is regularly taken(carried out)..

The three steps of Wheel Balance Cancer Therapy

The rules of Wheel Balance Cancer Therapy for everyday life

Dietary treatments - Drink more than 1 liter of fresh water every day.
- Chew more than 20 times for each swallow.
- Eat plenty of bean food (such as soybean paste. soy milk, vinegar bean), and minimize the intake of meat.
- Take at least 1 glass of green vegetable juice every day.

Exercise treatments
- Do aerobic exercises (mountain hike, swimming, bicycle riding, tai-chi etc.) 3 times every week, each time more than 1 hour.
- Do muscular exercises (exercises on the horizontal bar, weights, abdominal exercises) 3 times every week, according to your physical strength.
- Relax muscles through stretching or yoga.

Psychological treatment
- Stay cheerful and happy (to prevent depression)
- Be helpful to other people
- Introspect yourself for ten minutes every day.
- Participate in a religious event more than once every week.
- Take sound sleep.
- Take foot bath or half-body bath for at least 20 minutes every day.

10 rules of wheel-balance cancer therapy

01. Be optimistic. Think positively. You can be cured.
02. Actively research more information about your condition. Cooperate with your physician and family and actively
       participate in setting a treatment program that is good for you.
03. Take caution when receiving unprofessional treatments and advice from the Internet, for they do more harm than
04. Procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy are painful, but stay determined and endure
       through the treatment.
05. The combination of Western and Eastern cancer therapy is more effective and efficient than receiving one
       treatment alone.
06. Try to get a little better everyday - eventually you will overcome your condition.
07. Always appreciate everything around you and show your gratitude by helping others.
08. Learn good diets, exercise, spiritual and sleeping habits and maintain healthy lifestyles through our
       Wheel-Balance Cancer Therapy. Reverting back to bad habits will lead to metastasis or recurrences.
09. Even if you have been told that you are completely cured, you should always come back for follow-up
10. Since follow-up study alone cannot prevent metastasis and recurrence, the combination of anti-angiogenesis
       and immune treatments should be taken for the long-term.