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|| Oriental-western medical plus cancer therapy

Using Oriental-western medical plus cancer therapy with anticancer, radiotherapy

Oriental-western medical plus cancer therapy is a combined oriental western treatment which is used together with western medical anticancer or radiotherapy.
Most of the cancer patients who have been diagnosis with cancer, suffers from various side effects and immune system decreases from anti-chemotherapy or radiotherapy, also the cancer grows rapidly and metastasizes when the patients gives up in the middle.
Oriental-western medical plus cancer therapy is an oriental medical treatment which solves these problems. In other words the treatment can decrease the side effect of western medicine's anticancer treatment and increase the anticancer effectiveness to reinforce the immune system activity and ultimately prevent the recurrence of metastasis.

Advantage (merit) of Oriental-western medical plus cancer therapy
1. Helps finish receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy.
2. Decrease various side effects..
   ① Decrease the digestive system side effect such as vomiting, diarrhea etc..
   ② Ascend the white blood cell
   ③ Improves anemia
   ④ Increases the number of platelet
   ⑤ Improves the immune system
   ⑥ Decrease the side effect of radiotherapy..
3. Ascend the immunity function
4. Elevate (improve) the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiotherapy.
5. Effective on preventing metastasis and recurrence.

Oriental-western plus cancer therapy herbal medicine
An herbal medication which is used for oriental-western plus therapy at east-west cancer center is shown below. Most of the herbal substances are immunity enhances that have been used to decrease various side effects.