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Anti-angiogenesis and metastasis therapy

The necessity of anti-angiogenesis and metastasis treatment
As the exact causes of metastasis and recurrences are not known yet, there is no doubt that they are closely related with the complicated formation of tumor blood vessels and with the immune system of the cancer patient. Even after a complete treatment with cancer through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there is always a chance of the tumor still remaining. So therefore, a plan to prevent metastasis and recurrence is needed.
Anti-angiogenesis and Immunotherapy is a treatment that can prevent these types of complications after a successful treatment.

The role of angiogenesis and metastasis, recurrence
Tumor growth begins with the formation of blood vessels around the tumor, a process called angiogenesis. As you can see in the illustration above, there is not much increase in tumor size from day 1 to day 6. But once the blood vessels connect with the tumor, nutrients will be transported to the cancer cell colony to accelerate the growth of the tumor by 16,000 times and also increase its propensity to metastasize into a secondary tumor. Thus, inhibition of angiogenesis is the key factor in controlling tumor growth and metastasis.

The Metastasis, Recurrences of cancer and the decrease of immune system
A secondary tumor cannot form simply by the entrance of cancer cells into the blood vessels. The cancer cells must pass through the endodermal layer of the vessels and then break through the basement membrane in order to attach onto a tissue and proliferate into a secondary tumor. According to statistical tests, only 2-3 cancers cells out of 1,000,000 cells introduced into the blood stream (to) succeed in metastasizing. The low probability of metastasis occurring is possible because of leukocytes, mainly macrophages and NK cells, in the blood stream that destroy these runaway cells.
Therefore, enhancing the activity of these cells is an important step in the treatment of cancer.

The medications used in Anti-angiogenesis and Immunotherapy
Herbal medicine

Main function

Basic effect

Total effect
Hang-Am Plus

Inhibition of angiogenesis

Improve immune function

Anticancer effect and inhibition(prevention) of metastasis
and recurrences

Myun-Yuk Plus

Improving immune system

Symptoms treated and goals
Herbal medicine
Main finction
Patients who have taken successful surgery which doesn't need to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Inhibits tumor growth prevents metastasis and recurrences

The standard period of treatment is 1~3yrs
- examination once every
(based on immune function)

physically weak or elderly patients who are unable to receive Western cancer treatments

Inhibits tumor growth prolongs survival time

Patients who were not able to complete chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Inhibits tumor
expands survival time

Clinic effects on antiangiogenesis, immunotherapy
1. Increase body weight
2. Improves appetite and increased physical strength
3. Increase leukocyte, hematocyte and thrombocyte counts
4. No liver and kidney inflammations after prolonged use
5. Effectively sustained or reduced tumor marker counts
6. Increases quality of life
7. Extends survival time for terminal patients unable to continue Western cancer treatments
8. Enhance function of immune system cells (T cells, NK cells, interferon g, interleuken-12)