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Cancer dormany therapy which make cancer go to sleep

Reducing the cancer doesn’t mean that it extends the life term
It’s believed that life term would extend if the cancer shrinks. So it has been understood that shrinking the cancer size was the only way to expand life. But in most cases the cancer which rather increase in 1~2 months would face to death than shrinking smaller.

The longer the dormancy state is the more life term expands
To expand life doesn't mean it needs to make cancer shrink but it is possible by constancy state (dormancy therapy) which could expand life. Using cancer dormancy therapy would be more realization to make it possible than shrinking and also could make it possible to decrease side effects.

Caring on a temporally treatment to decrease the size of the cancer could make the life term shorter
Patients die when the cancer expands to a standard size. This means in other words by inhibiting the cancer growth could stop the patient from dying. So using dormancy therapy to make the cancer to go to sleep is the basic way to treat cancer rather than getting rid of the cancer or decreasing it. The final aim on treating cancer isn't totally removing cancer but it is to turn the cancer gentle to stop it from increasing. The best way to treat the cancer is to slow down and not by burdening the body all at once.